Packaging today, is what really sells the products. That’s the long and the short of it. It’s the bottom line. The final word. It’s all about the packaging. As it happens… we don’t want you to buy our products because … Read More

Is Carob a Super food?

Nowadays you see among the collection of super foods a special place held for Carob and you probably wonder “how healthy is carob”, “how often should I eat carobs”, “how to properly eat carobs”, “what products contain carobs”, “how to … Read More

carob chocolate
Carobites 212ml

Produced on Demand

Small chocolate-like bites made from carobs. Delicious in any way

100% Natural Product

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Real organic foods
Real Organic Foods

The Search for Real Organic Foods Is everything organic, 100% organic?  Is it organic friendly? Is a “certified” product 100% safe?  Let’s start from the beginning. In general, 100% free of pesticides, or anything added to the product from seed … Read More