Where to find organic products directly from the farmers

From our web-site! is the quick answer, but really… let’s expand a bit on that!

The usual scenario with anyone who is involved in farming, whether it is on a large or small scale (micro farming), is that there is no time or interest in having an online presence of any short. A social media page, a web-site, a simple blog, or even an e-shop… it’s usually too much work to undertake when you have been working in the field all day, you are tired, you need a shower, food and whatever time you have left before bed-time, to relax and rest.

That leaves one option, to anyone interested in finding and purchasing organic (or at least good quality) products directly from farmers and that is… to physically go and visit them, on location.

Which obviously means you need to find them first, which… when someone has not an online presence, makes it a bit difficult.

This is the main idea behind Pangaea Products. We brought together (and keep bringing more and more) people who occupy themselves with the concept of micro farming and produce good quality organic products, naturally cultivated, but most importantly… easy to find.

It’s all there for the taking. Every product comes with a product code, given for every individual farmer, which means that we don’t throw everything in one pot. Olive oil remains separated per producer. Everyone has their own container, so if you select a bottle of olive oil, you’ll find the name of the producer on the label and should you want the same olive oil from the same producer, just let us know in the comments field when adding the product to your basket.

So how does that work in compare to a standard e-shop? What is the difference? You still buy products from the producers and re-sell them right?…


Pangaea-Products is not a shop of any shorts, we don’t buy and re-sell, we collaborate with all the farmers and producers of whatever products you will find on our web-site and before anything else, we make absolutely sure that everyone gets their fair share. Fare wages for people who work very very hard!

So basically all the farmers, give us a call with what it is that they have available, that -of course- is subjected to the four seasons, natural products, grow each in their own season. We then make it available on our web-site and you… just add it to your shopping cart.

There is no stocking, there is no warehouse, there is nothing a “company” or a “shop” would do, that we do.

So… back to the beginning… if you want to find organic -or at least good quality- products directly from the producers, visit our web-site and it’s all there.

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