Organic Honey Directly from Beekeepers

First of all two things:

  • Most pesticides kill bees. There are some who don’t but in general, bees will go to areas that have not been sprayed with anything harmful.
  • How do you certify organic honey

Every country has their own rules and guidelines, in order to provide a beekeeper with a certificate of organic product for their honey.

Greek law makes it very hard to obtain that certificate, in fact, one of the needed parameters, is to have the bees “contained” and “restrained” in a “safe” environment, so they don’t get near non-organic fields. Bees however have wings! So to my understanding, that sort of demand is a bit ludicrous. In response, Greek beekeepers who are more than happy to produce organic honey, have taken their bees way way way far away, from human presence and let the bees free to roam and feed in the wild. Bees can fly up to 2km to get food and water, so beekeepers who want to achieve this goal, all they have to do is keep their bees in a radius of more than 2km from civilization. And by “civilization” we mean any field of any size, that has been sprayed with anything other than water. So what you get is organic honey, which no one bothered to get a certificate for.

That comes with both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, you can’t keep an eye on your bees at all times. 

There have been times, where a beekeeper would find all his bees dead and had to start from scratch. There have been other times where the bees were not dead, but were not there at all. They were stolen. Because when you take your bees to a nice spot, away from everything, it’s really… there for the taking. But even worse, is when your bees are attacked by a large animal, like a bear (yes! There are -plenty of- bears in Greece in the North-West region, near the borders with Albania), which in order to get to the honey, it has to wreak havoc first. Destroy everything, everything you had built from ground up and have to rebuild from the ground up once again.

So, the most discouraging disadvantage is that you have no idea what is going on with your bees, once you have let them be on their own in a location that is guaranteed to be free of any chemicals.

The advantage though, is really worth it!

You can provide the best honey in the market. Both in quality and flavour. However, this product cannot be officially certified from the Greek government as “organic”, but it is by all means 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% naturally produced honey from free range bees and “this”… is what you get! 

Honey from bees who live out in the open, more than 2km away from any field of any size that has been sprayed with anything other than water.

Most of the honey that you will find on our web-site comes from Crete (no bears, sorry) where bees feed mainly on thyme. But there is also honey from other parts of Greece where bees feed on pine trees, orange trees, rosemary etc. So you get naturally flavoured organic honey from Greece directly from the producers!

Hope this helps and thank you for reading.

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