Dittany – Origanum Dictamnus

Dittany is a plant native to the island of Crete. It can be found pretty much everywhere on the island as it grows from sea level up to 1600m in altitude, however not in large quantities. Picking Dittany in the wild, can be a dangerous hobby as it intends to grow on cliff sides and hard to reach places. It is worth the risk though.

Dittany is mainly used as a remedy, a herbal tea and there is a good reason for that. It is one of the best natural options as a response to stomach ache. It is very aggressive towards bacteria who are found inside the stomach and cause various illnesses and in addition it is known to  help significantly in cases of Ulcerative colitis. Provided of course it is an organic product.

If you go out in search of Dittany in the Cretan country-side you will most likely find some. It’s easy to detect due to its shape, size and color. It has a distinctive aroma and easy to spot flowers (when they bloom).

Dittany has won a place in Greek mythology too. Dittany is believed to help in labour and so it was dedicated to Olympian goddess Artemis. This can be seen in illustrations of the goddess where she is portrayed with a crown of Dittany leaves. 

Like with every other herbal tea, you don’t have to need it for the medicinal properties it comes with in order to enjoy a cup, but since a herb comes with medicinal properties, you should go easy on it. Too much of anything is never good!

Also please don’t seek medical advice on random web-sites or social media hubs, where everyone believes is entitled to opinion. Always trust professionals only.

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