Pangaea is not a company.

It’s a collaboration of… basically a lot of people of various production fields and more. Farmers, beekeepers, sailors (we’ll get to that), people with workshops and generally anyone who was interested in adding their natural -usually organic- products to this unusual partnership of skilled people who really love what they do and want to share their love for nature with anyone interested. Anyone in the world.

Pangaea is not interested in being another market of some sort of merchandise. This is about a bet. A bet that everyone involved has taken to themselves for producing the best possible product without the use of anything harmful to the Earth, or others. Farmers have found exceptional ways to fight off diseases that infect the plants, beekeepers alike. Sailors (the good part) take us to small remote islands to gather wild organic and natural herbs, from places where only vegetation and an occasional bird (more often than not, an African swallow carrying a coconut) will remind you how amazing and fruitful this planet is. And this is something we all in Pangaea, want to share.

All the products that you will find on our web-site are either hand picked or hand made. We are very… very proud of our work and the great quality of every single item on our list.

We are very happy to answer in person any questions you might have about a product of your interest.

We promise you! We really do. Pangaea products come at the best possible quality for the given price per product.


Orders arrive in 2 business days. We strive to make sure each order is sent within hours of purchase. If you order before 1pm on weekdays your package is guaranteed to ship that day.


We test and use our products to the highest standards
Our blog is full of great stories and tips about the products we sell.


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