Is Carob a Super food?

Nowadays you see among the collection of super foods a special place held for Carob and you probably wonder “how healthy is carob”, “how often should I eat carobs”, “how to properly eat carobs”, “what products contain carobs”, “how to … Read More

Real Organic Foods

The Search for Real Organic Foods Is everything organic, 100% organic?  Is it organic friendly? Is a “certified” product 100% safe?  Let’s start from the beginning. In general, 100% free of pesticides, or anything added to the product from seed … Read More

“Cheap” Organic Products

Are organic products more expensive than conventional products? You obviously have to spend more capital for a jar of organic honey, than a jar of “whatever” honey, but does that make the organic honey expensive? The word expensive doesn’t just … Read More

New Product: Oregano Stems

We are mega happy to announce our new product: Oregano Stems Hand picked mountain oregano stems, naturally grown with no pesticides, no other chemicals, no cultivation, no human touch whatsoever. Naturally grown with just the rain, the wind and the … Read More

History of the Greek salad

So, I used to live in the UK and before that in Germany. One “complain” I had while being abroad, was about food. Obviously when you live in another country other than your own, you should look for all the … Read More

Hand Picking Wild Herbs

What is the difference between farmed and wild herbs? Well, in short… mountain! Herbs are herbs right? You should get a decent quality product in most cases. Farmed or not. But that’s not really how it works. There are a … Read More