So what is this “micro-farming”?

Have you ever seen an advert on tv, or a short video on youtube, showing a farmer, usually mature, weathered, good heart looking but keeping a serious face with a hint of a warm smile, as he takes care of a tree, or a plant in a vast green field, dressed in “farmer John” clothes? You most likely have. Well, that’s… not how it is!

Large groups of underpaid workers, usually immigrants, do all the work in a vast field full of machines, designed to harvest, dig, water and in general do anything that you have seen the mature weathered guy do the commercial by himself. Mass production is the furthest thing from old school, traditional farming done with love. By people who believed in it. People who put all they had in it. People who learned how to respect nature and work “with” it, instead of “against” it.

But lately, more and more people who own a small piece of land, here in the Greek countryside, show interest in growing naturally cultivated products, showing the same love that older farmers, two or three generations back, had for the earth, Gaea!

Micro-farming in a nutshell, is a number of people, growing a small of amount of something, which when you put together is enough to supply a specific market.

In our case, a group of olive oil producers who own between 100-400 trees each, local herb gatherers, spice producers etc. Have come together under the umbrella of Pangaea. Bringing forth award winning products of the most excellent quality.

Pangaea Products, is a way for all these voices to be heard.