Beeswax Calendula Cream 125ml


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100% Natural Product

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  • Calendula Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Jasmin Essential Oil

Ideal for a number of applications on your skin, such as:

  • Hydration and skin care
  • Chapped lips and bumps
  • Various skin diseases
  • Wounds, ulcers, burns and even infections
  • It has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, moisturizing and emollient properties
  • It is an ideal ointment for dry skin, hard heels and nipples of breastfeeding mothers
  • It has excellent anti-aging properties. Beeswax is very moisturizing and healing, it provides to the skin the necessary moisture which is lost over time, thus causing dehydration of the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

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