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Premium Greek Honey 500gr


Premium Quality Organic Greek Thyme Honey

100% Natural Product Free Range

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This is top quality honey from the Greek island of Crete.

In general, most pesticides kill bees so most honey is pesticide free, but this honey is produced by beekeepers who keep their bees in remote mountainous locations where there is no farming at all.

Only beekeepers with many years of experience are in a position to do so, because there are many parameters you have to take under consideration, such as water supply, the daily temperature, humidity, natural enemies and a lot more.

As always, don’t judge a book by its cover! we don’t believe in fancy packaging, but only in the quality of our products. Don’t buy it because you like the box (or the jar), rather than because you can appreciate the quality, the effort and of course the taste.

This product also comes with a honeycomb here: Honey with Honeycomb 500gr

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