Before you read any of the “Terms of Use”

Let us stretch as much as possible: We really believe in this project and we are genuinely interested in providing the best customer service possible.

This web-site was developed by one person, John Papadopoulos, who we will refer to as “JP” and several other people are responsible for operating a larger team of micro farmers, beekeepers, workshop owners (for soap making etc.) and generally people who produce all sorts of natural products. There is a lot of effort involved, but we think it’s worth it.

Now… Terms of Use

When using our web-site and when placing an order with, you agree and/or understand the following:

Location is registered in Heraklion Crete, Greece, by JP. The address is Filias 26b, but it’s not an office (or a glass building). Pangaea-Products doesn’t operate indoors, we are actually running around like crazy all day from field to field and village to village. We just need by law a physical address, so that’s the one.


1) is not your average company with offices in a glass building, warehouses with stocked products and personnel running up and down. It’s a collaboration between farmers (and generally producers of natural products and by-products) and JP who is responsible for connecting everyone together. The dots between any producer and any consumer.


2) Single products are shipped directly from producers to the consumer. For an order with multiple items, everyone brings the items to the address registered for Pangaea-Products by JP withing a day and they get shipped the same day in one package. does not hold any stock, but is responsible for making sure that shipping of products is carried out as it should. That means that any issue that a customer might have with shipping, they can address the problem to


3)Pricing of our products is calculated by three factors. a) the amount of effort it takes to a producer in order to produce a product in the required level of quality. b) the care of every producer that they show for their products (some of the call it love)… c) the overall quality of the product.


Payments can be made -for now- via Paypal and Bank transfers.

Paypal account: and

Bank Account: Pireaus bank IBAN: GR8401727060005706047250291

Glitches (all web-sites have them)

4) If for any technical reason you order has been completed with a wrong price, has the right to cancel the order but is obligated to contact you first. Should this happen, you may ask for a refund or change your order.


Once a package has left Greece, we don’t have a way to track it. We can provide information concerning when it left the country, but after that… it should be on it’s way to the customer (it usually is).

Inspection from Consumers

Yes! you can visit us any time, come with us to where it’s all happening, see how things are done right there and then. You can even join us for olive picking and see first hand, what kind of work it really is.


Operating hours for customers are: 09.00-17.00 (+2 Time Zone)

Operating days for customers are: Monday to Friday

You can call us on Viber or Whatsapp (or the phone) on the number given on our front page, office hours/days, provided someone is within wi-fi signal. Otherwise you can either leave a message or e-mail us at

In any case we should respond within 24 hours.

Don’t let it cross your minds that we rest on the weekends. It’s quite the opposite!